On 02/02/2012 04:17 AM, Richard Rafalski wrote:
Hi Thoms, hi Guillaume,

Am 31.01.2012 15:05, schrieb Guillaume Fenollar:

Concerning Wheezy, I can find this package on debian.org website, that's
strange you don't have it on your side.
It's done by installing the non-virtual package
can you try installing manually?

The installation of libpostgresql-jdbc-java does not help.

Because libpg-java package is virtual I searched for virtual packages in
the debian policy and I think I found the solution.

The dependency of a virtual packages should not take a version nummber.
If a dependency have got a version number the package manager searchs
for a real package to satisfy the dependency.

So omitting the version number of libpg-java in the dependency of
xwiki-enterprise-tomcat-pgsql should solve the problem.

And concerning the others error, it would be good to have more details. For
example, a screenshot of what the Administration : Rights provides.
This problem is not realy reproduceable. Evrything works in most cases.
Sometimes a reload of the page helps. Anyway you can see a screenshot
here http://www.richard-rafalski.de/xwiki/Administration_Rights.jpg

Looks like you're hitting http://jira.xwiki.org/browse/XE-844

About 'Server returned TRANSPORT_ERROR with no error message', can you tell
us more details? When does that happen? It's a red box in the bottom of the
screen, right?
No. It is the common message box of the webbrowser. It happened maybe
two or three times yet. I do not remember in which situation. Is it
possible to search in a log file for this mesage text to get more


Sergiu Dumitriu
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