Thanks paul for taking time out to reply on this.

 I am using the lucene search which is default search in xwiki. As you
read the users of the groups the user is allowed to see, then expand
this into a disjunction of owners query, i agree on logic.But i am not
getting under which java class i should make a change for this. It
would be very helpful to give some idea about impacted class and
corresponding method.

here is my requirement, if logged in user name  is MyAppUser then i
want him to do search on users belonging to MyAppUserAdminGroup and
MyAppUserGeneralgroup but admin user should be able to search every
user in wiki. basically user name + AdminGroup/Generalgroup.I want to
do it for just restrict the users visibility in serach textbox
otherwise i want to keep search functionality intact.

Is there a way i can do these in velocity macro file of
MainSpace.WebHomePage  with user logged in as admin(who has
programming rights) or any other tweaking in configuration.

Let me know if it requires more information.Thanks for your patience again.

On Fri, Feb 3, 2012 at 1:02 PM, Paul Libbrecht <> wrote:
> Mohit,
> I am not sure which search you are using but the normal way to do this is to 
> use query expansion. Basically:
> - take the existing search system let it parse the query (including 
> parameters)
> - combine the query with a mandatory addition that includes the rights
>  (that'd mean: read the users of the groups the user is allowed to see, then 
> expand this into a disjunction of owners query)
> Does it make sense?
> Please provide more details on your setup if I should formulate code 
> suggestion.
> Note that appending the query-string is likely to be a very fragile solution 
> (but is often made sadly).
> Do not worry on the amount of terms ofyour query, Lucene supports thousands 
> of terms without problems.
> paul
> Le 3 févr. 2012 à 07:58, mohit gupta a écrit :
>> Hi All,
>> I asked the below query log time before  but have not got any inputs.
>> I would be grateful if you folks have any idea about below
>> configuration.  let me know if it is possible to configure this kind
>> of feature in xwiki in any version?
>> i want to give rights in a way so that the users in a certain group
>> should be able search the users of a certain group.
>> For example i have 3 groups G1,G2,G3 . G1 contains user U1,G2 contains
>> user U2 and G3 contains user U3. Now i want to give the the group 1
>> users rights in a way so that they should be able to search the G1 and
>> G2 users only but not G3 users.Thanks
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