Since the talk is about rights management, here is another issue I've noticed 
might be relevant to the topic 

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Hi Dmitry,

Currently Workspaces does not officially support adding entire groups to a 
workspace. The UI does not say anything about that, but it can be done.
However, once you do that, the users of the group that just got added to the 
workspace as member will not be recognized as members by the UI (even though 
they have view and edit rights).

This is mainly my fault since I pretty much forgot about that usecase and I was 
focusing on users.

I have created 2 jira issues to address this problem:

I will try to fix this in the future versions, as soon as I make the time.

For now, you can add individual users. If you want groups, you can add a global 
group as a subgroup of the XWiki.XWikiAllGroup of your workspace by editing the 
XWiki.XWikiAllGroup page in inline mode (but do remember about - UI not recognizing members as 
workspace members).

Sorry for the inconvenience,

On Mon, Feb 13, 2012 at 10:04 PM, Dmitry Bakbardin <>wrote:

> Hi,
> For now owner can invite users to workspace. Is there any possibility 
> to invite GROUPS?
> I need following scenario:
> - Main Wiki Group A, B, C
> - Workspace "One" invites Group A, B and denies Group C to see 
> workspace "One"
> - I register a new user and add it to group A
> - This user AUTOMATICALLY gains access/invitation to workspace.
> - I delete user from the Group A and user is rejected by workspace "one"
> also automatically
> Is there any simple way to do this?
> Kind regards,
> Dmitry
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