On Feb 23, 2012, at 3:13 PM, Guillaume Lerouge wrote:

> Hi Joris,
> plese see my answers below.
> On Thu, Feb 23, 2012 at 12:56 PM, Joris Dirks <jo...@user.stekje.nl> wrote:
>> Before I promote this to a bug or improvement request, I'd like to get your
>> feedback on my perceived problem.
>> I'm having some trouble understanding how messages are handles.
>> I must admit I don't even know where messages are being stored (googling
>> "messages xwiki" doesn't exactly provide useful results ;)
>> I expect all messages are stored in one general storage.
> It's a bit more complicated than that. Messages are not stored in objects
> nor documents the traditional XWiki way. They are stored as events in the
> activity stream itself. Thus they do not respect the usual XWiki best
> practices (I'm not even sure you can search the content of a message for
> instance).
> Example usage:
>> 1) create space Sandbox2
>> 2) restrict view right for space Sandbox2
>> 3) using SpaceDashboardTemplate, create dashboard for Sandbox2.WebHome
>> 4) post message on this dashboard using the activity gadget, without
>> changing the "visible to everyone"
>> Result:
>> message is not shown on Sandbox2.WebHome dashboard
> This is because the message is stored globally whereas the code in space
> dashboard display only the activity happening in that given space. In other
> words, the message itself does not know that it is being posted from the
> homepage of a specific space.
>> message is shown on Dashboard.WebHome
>> User (at least I) would expect the message to be shown:
>> - on Sandbox2.WebHome dashboard, because it's written there/for this group
>> - on Dashboard.WebHome only when user has access to space Sandbox2., with
>> the attribution: "ExampleUser posted the message *in Sandbox2*"
>> I expect this would change the fundamentals behind the messaging app
>> because messages would have to be stored in a page in the space they are
>> written in,
> Yes, that's a normal expectation, but as desribed above messages don't
> really follow the usual XWiki conventions.
>> so I propose removing the 'post message' block in the activity
>> stream when called for a space ($aSpace != $util.null)
> Indeed, that sounds like an acceptable workaround. In any case I think a
> parameter to select whether or not to display the message box should be
> included by default in the {{activity /}} macro.

For me it's completely separate and shouldn't be displayed at all by the 
activity macro. It should be displayed by another macro. And I think it should 
also be located in a different gadget.


> I already had to remove it by hand several times, this is not optimal.
> Guillaume

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