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> Hi,
> I'm missing an option to show recent blog entries for a specific category,
> e.g. in a panel. Is there such a feature available? I can imagine others
> have needed/used such a feature before.
> Right now I'm just trying to hack Blog.RecentPostsPanel to filter on
> category, but I can't wrap my head around the query needed.
> In 'getEntriesForCategory' (Blog.CategoriesCode), the query is:
> #set($query = ", DBStringListProperty as categories join categories.list as
> category${query} and obj.id = categories.id.id and
> categories.id.name='category'
> and category in (${parameters})")
> But that's about 10 degrees too difficult for me to comprehend :)

This could help:



> Any hints? Thanks!
> Joris
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