Hi all,

Thanks for your feedback. In the 4.0 timeframe we are planning to make some
proposal that will improve the content of the homepage. This include
http://jira.xwiki.org/browse/XWIKI-7568 (problem mentioned by Ken)
http://jira.xwiki.org/browse/XE-1117 (somehow related to what Chris
and I plan to propose some improvements on how the dashboard is displayed
in inline mode.
There is also a proposal for the first minute wizard
that can show users what they can do on the homepage.
But from this list some may make it or not in 4.0. Also improving the
Homepage and improving the Dashboard are kind of different things.

Regarding the Dashboard documentation there is
Regarding the $msg.get you can replace it by a custom string or read

I know there are lots of areas that could be covered in documentation and
everyone is invited in making the doc more complete.
Also the suggestion to have a documentation link about the Dashboard on the
homepage is tricky because other users would want maybe Activity Stream
doc, etc. Finding a content that would please the majority of the users is
the tricky part.

Your feedback on this thread
[investigation] XWiki 5 minutes Experience - Need users' help:
would be very welcomed.


On Thu, Mar 15, 2012 at 15:57, Chris Bennett <cbenn...@geofields.com> wrote:

> I want to echo Ken's thoughts, and provide another data point to represent
> the beginners out there who may be turned off by the learning curve.  This
> is something of a long post but I hope my concerns will be helpful to
> others.
> XWiki is a great product with a lot of potential for our organization
> (internal information exchange). I like it a lot, and I'm convinced that in
> the long run it's better for us than any of the other options. I'm
> primarily
> a .NET developer familiar with Java, Python, SQL, etc.  I've set up the the
> whole shebang from scratch using SQL Server, Tomcat, and all the rest.
>  I've
> created a new space, added some lengthy content with images, and restricted
> views of unregistered guests.
> Yet I'm still dismayed at how hard it is to get the most basic information
> on editing the very first page we all see.  The page itself says it's easy!
> Just try editing in WYSIWYG - it quits.  Try editing in Wiki mode -
> unintelligible.  The documentation simply says "just edit it" (I'm
> paraphrasing), but that doesn't work, the macro doesn't make sense yet.
> I've spent many hours trying to understand what's going on with the
> dashboard tool (e.g., $msg.get), spent hours rummaging in the database
> schema looking for "Welcome to your wiki" so I can change it to "Welcome to
> MY Freaking Wiki!" (just kidding on that last part).
> I understand (now) that I can set up a new page and maybe in an hour or so
> figure out how to get the home page redirected there, but that is a lot of
> work for simply wanting to change the introductory text in the main page to
> say something meaningful to my co-workers to get them interested.  Then I
> can go on the learn the programming part later.
> The point is that for folks like me there is a critical gap between getting
> things running and taking the first meaningful step towards controlling the
> application.  If I am also not a programmer, then that gap is even larger.
> Questions:
>  - I'd like to see a tutorial-style breakdown of how the dashboard app/tool
> thingy works.  Having such a tutorial linked on the documentation page
> would
> be ideal, it would be a great learning tool and introduction to the more
> interesting features of XWiki.
>  - In that tutorial, I'd like to know how to find out where to find
> $msg.get
> keys so I can change reuse them, find out how they are intended to be used,
> maybe even change them.  Lots of parameters used in that tool are very
> difficult to find.  How to know where to find even more?  The API docs
> don't
> seem to cover this.
> Again, XWiki is a great product and I'm looking forward to using it even if
> I don't figure out the dashboard :).  If some kind soul wanted to detail
> some explanations of the dashboard, and maybe create a HOWTO list of
> beginner tips that would be greatly appreciated by many I'm sure.  Maybe
> such a thing exists and I just haven't found it yet?
> Many thanks,
> -Chris.
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