On 04/06/2012 09:07 PM, du du wrote:
Hi, all,
I got a weired problem with url handling, when I am on this page:
http://mydomain.com/xwikim/bin/view/Blog/CreatePost, which gives me a
create post button to create post, I check the form action url is:
"/xwikim/bin/view/Blog/CreatePost?xpage=plain", when I click on the create
button, it comes to this url:
from which I got "Unable to connect" error, I am not sure why it switched
from mydomain.com to localhost, all other links and buttons are working
fine without this kind of problem.

My setup is like that I have an apache web server installed with port 80
opened to the public internet, which forwards request to tomcat with port
8082 on localhost. all other links work fine, only the createpost has this

Any clue from any of you?

Thanks very much in advance

The quickest way is to change the way the reverse proxy works, switch from mod_proxy_http to mod_proxy_ajp. This means that you have to:

- make sure the mod_proxy_ajp module is active
- make sure that the Tomcat AJP connector is active
- change the URL that Apache HTTPD connects to from http:// to ajp://localhost:8009/xwikim/ (use the right port on which the AJP connector is listening)

Sergiu Dumitriu
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