On 05/15/2012 12:55 PM, Merlin Olivier wrote:
Hello Vincent,

I have recreated the indexes on one multiwiki ... and I get the same 
performance results
Each page are loaded in 4-5 seconds.
In fact there was an improvement in the DB usage but it was not a lot before.
The API breakdown shows me:
- 1200 ms in the classloading

Does it spend so much time in classloading for each request, or just for the first one?

- 930 ms in the XML processing
- 580 ms for the xwiki API
- 420 ms for JDBC
- 350 ms for wiki model

The problem of performance is really on the application server code response 
time - not in the database.
- the problem could be in the big amount of exception raised (is it normal ?)
- Glassfish 3.1 issues ? We use a 64bits deployment with a sun jdk1.6.0_26 Xms 
= Xmx = 2Gb
- 3.2 version
- the HW not sufficient ? We use a VMware with a Redhat Linux 5.7
        - 2 core CPU ( X5650  @ 2.67GHz )
        - 4Go RAM

Any ideas ? Good config to test ?
My next ideas would be :
- migrate to Weblogic
- migrate to xwiki 4.x

I can send you all the list of exception - it consumes a lot of CPU for me ...

Thanks for your help

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Hi Merlin,

On May 15, 2012, at 5:41 PM, Merlin Olivier wrote:


On the xwiki  3.2, we have decided to use the virtual xwiki
(multi-tenant) feature as it should be better for scalability and

"Each wiki has its own database schema, thus allowing for a complete data 
separation between the different wikis in the same instance.

The main advantage of multi-tenancy is performance optimization."
The main wiki has a relative good level of performance - with a
response time around 2.5 second to browse a page So we are in the
xwiki database But when we are in a virtual wiki (another schema ) - the 
performance are very poor.
The average response time is around 5 seconds  per page !!! So at list 2 times 

We are using MySQL and glassfish 3.1 - and we have done tuning on the MySQL 
database and glassfish.

We have used a profiling tool and see that the request send to the virtual 
environment are raising a big amount of exception ...
The problem is not on the database part (even if they are many SQL
calls to visualize only one page) The problem seems really to be on the virtual 
environment configuration OR in a file corruption ...

I have attached the exception list . (exception_list.xls) From this is
it possible to know if we have an installation issue ??

Does someone have experience of very good performance with xwiki  ? (
response time #1second per page) In that case

I can tell you fore sure that there's no performance issue with multiwikis. 
Each wiki has its own DBs so it's really fast.

Maybe you don't have indexes set on the subwikis? I think we started setting 
them automatically in XE 3.2 but it's worth checking, see:


Sergiu Dumitriu
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