Please, help me on below...
On I find the following:

Creating one or several Blogs

By default a recent XWiki installation will provide a blog inside the Blog 
space. You can use that one or create a new one inside an existing space or as 
the main content of a new space using the Blog's Management. For that you just 
need to navigate to this URL: <URL to 
server:port>/xwiki/bin/view/Blog/Management. A new page will show up asking you 
to enter:

        • The name of the Space
        • The title of the Blog
        • Select if the blog is inside an existing space or as the main content 
of that space

I fail to see the difference between "existing space" or "new space", they both 
seem to deliver the same result, having the issues I described below?
- SHARED CATEGORIES; we would like to be able to define CATEGORIES per space; 
as we are a multi-language wiki and the blogs are NOT translated?
- SHARED PANELS; we would like to have Panels per sapce>

How to achieve this-> Configuarion or Customization; if Customization-> which 
things need customization and which code can be shared?


Op 31 mei 2012, om 15:35 heeft Gerritjan Koekkoek het volgende geschreven:

> Hi,
> We would like to create a second and third instance of BLOG within the Wiki
> This is quite easy to do with the BLOG.Management
> But having done that there are two important things which we would like to
> see differently
> - Categories: Now the categories are shared between the BLOGS. We would
> like to have a Category structure per BLOG SPACE
> - Panels: We would like to have three side panels (last posts, Posts per
> category and Archive) showing only posts of that BLOG SPace
> The instruction on XWiki,org do not cover these two things.
> Who knows how to do this?
> Gerritjan
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