Hi All,

i am on xwiki 3.5. i have created a macro and included in my TestPage with
below code
*{{RecentChangesMacro rcSpace="MySpaceName"}}{{/RecentChangesMacro}}*

Now in RecentChangesMacro ,  i have below code , which tries to access the
above passed parameter inside velocity template
*#set($rcSpace1 = $xontext.macro.params.rcSpace)*
but when i print it with below snippet
*Value of rcSpace1 is $rcSpace1*

the output is *"Value of rcSpace1 is $rcSpace1" *where expected  the output
is * "Value of rcSpace1 is MySpaceName".*

I am not sure why i am able to access the parameter rcSpace in macro?

For information, i have also attached the object of
"WikiMacroParameterClass" with parameter name  "rcSpace" as explained at

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