On Aug 17, 2012, at 3:11 PM, Hamster wrote:

> Luckily for us, we are using IE9 at our company...so no need to check for
> other webbrowsers
> I would realy wish that the WYSIWYG editor would have an "Insert Video"
> button, which would allow me to browse to the AVI (or other filetype) on our
> network. An "Adjust Video Settings" button would allow me to change/fix the
> width and height, set the "autostart" and "loop" options.
> I can't let our "simple" users add video at this moment, they just don't
> have the html knowledge to get this done!

Why not create a wiki macro? It would take you a few minutes to write it, see

Of course, writing a video browser is more work but at least if your users know 
the path on your network server, they'll be able to use it easily.


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