Even with such a detailed explanation I still have questions :) (hopefully 
final ones)

  I have ran the script and half of my annotations are in the old group. I have 
tried opening corresponding pages but those annotations won't show up. 
  Annotations from new group were created after the upgrade to 4.1.3.

  I will not be able to check if I used custom annotation before upgrade - 
because I have no possibility to restore previous version of the system. I 
don't remember myself modifying annotation to be something custom (maybe when 
annotations were an early extension), yet that was the error I received upon 
 About custom mapping - I don't know what that is at all.

If we assume that I don't care about the old annotations, will simply upgrading 
to 4.1.4 with solve the issue? How 
do I junk old annotations in such case? (I have tried force migration flag with 
4.1.3 and the result was all annotations moved to "new" group, but still 
nothing was displayed on corresponding pages except for annotations created 
after initial upgrade to 4.1.3)


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Hi Roman,

The 4.1.3 release had a couple of problems [1], including one that 
unintentionally skipped the annotations migration. The 4.1.4 release fixed this 
problem [2], amongst others, and it would be what I recommend you to use 
instead of 4.1.3.

I`m not sure if your case fits into the problems specific to 4.1.3 (though it 
probably does), but to test if you have annotations that respect the new 
format, you could run this piece of velocity code:

New annotations: $services.query.hql(", BaseObject comment, BaseProperty 
selection WHERE AND 
comment.className='XWiki.XWikiComments' AND AND'selection'").execute()
Old annotations: $services.query.hql(", BaseObject annotation WHERE AND

It will list the documents that contain annotations in the new format and 
documents that contain annotations in the old format (not migrated).
Basically the new format is XWiki.XWikiComments class instead of the old 
AnnotationCode.AnnotationClass, with the addition that the XWikiComments 
objects also have the "selection" property set to whatever was selected when 
the annotation was made.

If it turns out that you have old annotations, then you need to check 2
1) That you were not using a custom annotations class before the upgrade, that 
is a class that is different from AnnotationsCode.AnnotationsClass
2) That you are not using a custom mapping for the comments If you are in one 
of the 2 cases above, then you will not be able to migrate to merged 
annotations and comments (ad keep using annotations as
before) because the migration does not support the 2 cases. See the Jira issue 
[3] on this matter for more details.

If you are not in one of the 2 cases above, then you need to upgrade to
4.1.4 (or above) and to also force the annotations migration to run again.
To force the migration, once you have upgraded normally to 4.1.4, you have
1) set your annotations class to AnnotationCode.AnnotationClass (By going into 
Administration > Applications > Annotations > XWiki class defining annotations 
2) edit xwiki.cfg and specify that you want to force the annotations migration 
to be executed by adding the following line:
2.1) also make sure that the migrations process itself is enabled
( and that it is enabled for all your wikis if you are 
in a miltiwiki environment (
3) restart your wiki and watch the logs as the migration should report that it 
is being executed
4) check the results by running the velocity script from the first part of my 
5) set your annotations class to XWiki.XWikiComments since this is what you 
will be using from now on
5.1) you should also hide the annotations tab, if you did not already do so, by 
going to "Administration > Look & Feel > Page Elemetns > Show document 
annotations" and selecting "No".
6) edit xwiki.cfg and remove or comment the forced migration line to avoid 

Hope this helps,


On Thu, Nov 8, 2012 at 10:45 AM, Roman Muntyanu

> Hello,
>   I'm trying to validate if upgrade where annotations have been merged 
> with comments was successful (3.5->4.1.3).
>     select * from xwikicomments;
>   returns me 0 records, even though I definitely have page where I 
> have annotations and I as well see them as comments in the bottom of the page.
>   How can I check if annotations are where they should be?
>   Regards,
> Roman
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