On 11/29/2012 07:54 AM, Trash Mail wrote:
> hey guys,
> i'm using XEM 4.2 and have some sub-wikis
> set up access rights to main and sub-wikis
> now when i try to login into my main wiki everything is ok.
> also if open my sub-wiki from main.
> if i try to open the sub-wiki directly via url i get an error message and i
> dont know why :(
> "Error
> You are not allowed to view this document or perform this action."
> maybe i forgot to set some rights but i really cant find a solution myself..
> any help is appreciated.

Are you by any chance using the default Admin account? Note that there's
an Admin account in every wiki, so if you log in in the main wiki,
you'll actually be using the global Admin account, which has all the
rights on the whole farm, and if you log in in a subwiki, you'll be
using the local account, which might not have all the rights, especially
on other wikis.

Sergiu Dumitriu
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