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Indeed this does not exists out of the box.

There is two main way I would say (true for renamed groups too):
* do it at the same level than the code cleaning groups and rights
when you delete a user, main issue is that we need to introduce a
DocumentRenamedEvent first (right now you get a deleted and a created
document events when renaming user). The user would just rename its
profile page name.
* introduce a special action accessible from the user/group profile to
rename a user

In both cases it's a good idea to look at how
find all users/groups to cleanup since it would be pretty much the
same code but with a rename instead of a remove. Additionally I think
I think RightsManagerListener only look at current wiki right now but
it should probably look at all wikis when cleaning/renaming a global

That's very helpful, thanks. This isn't something I need to tackle straight away, I just need to have a plausible story for what I'll do when it hits.

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