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> Hello
> I upgraded Xwiki Enterprise from 4.5-milestone-1 to 4.5 today.  When I click 
> on the "Add new group" button in the "Administration: Groups" page, the 
> resulting page contains a lot of empty space that preceeds the actual page.  
> So, I have to scroll down a lot to actually see the page (including the 
> header).  Also, the "Create new group" field and the related buttons appear 
> before the page header.  I think that I had noticed this in 4.5-M1 also.  
> Other pages are being displayed properly so far, but I'm not sure whether 
> this is the only page on which this is happening.  I have noticed this in 
> Internet Explorer 8 and Firefox 18.0.2.
> Is anyone else experiencing this problem?

I can't reproduce on a 5.0 snapshot with Firefox 18.0.2. When I click
on "Add new group" I get a lightbox popup with the "Create new group"
text input and two buttons. They look fine. Note that the text input
and the buttons are generated by addnewgroup.vm Velocity template
(check with Firebug the request that is made when you click on "Add
new group"). If you didn't customize this template then you should get
the same output.

Hope this helps,

> Thank you.
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