Hi everyone,

myxwiki.org has been upgraded to XE 4.5.3-20130322 (pre-release). If
you own a wiki hosted there you should have a look at the release
notes for this version at:

We also strongly recommend an upgrade to the latest wiki version. To
upgrade you can either use the Extension Manager from the
administration or you can download the corresponding XWiki XAR from

In case you want to use the Extension Manager you have to do an
advanced search for extension id
"org.xwiki.enterprise:xwiki-enterprise-ui" and extension version
"4.5.3-SNAPSHOT". If this is the first time you install/upgrade the
wiki using the EM then you may have to resolve many merge conflicts.
The advantage of upgrading the wiki through EM is that you get 3-way
automatic wiki page merge (after the first install).

Otherwise, if you prefer to import the XAR, you should follow the
upgrade guide available at :

To be notified of the myxwiki.org server upgrade you can follow
myxwiki on twitter:

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