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> Hi everybody, my name is Kévin Laîné, i'm a french guy.
> I'm working on a collective project about "alternative models of family".
> Xwiki seems to be the best community tool management I've discovered.
> I'm really interested for opening an xwiki on the "XWiki Community farm". I 
> have some questions before asking you to open a session.
> 1) Is it possible to use a domain name like "domain.tld" instead of 
> "domain.myxwiki.org" ?

Yes, it would actually be both. XWiki allow having several aliases for
the same wiki. You would still have to choose to wiki identifier for
the myxwiki.org domain and we can also put yours.

> 2) Is it possible to install some extensions as bulletin board or others ?

You can install any XAR extensions but JAR extensions require
programming rights. That said you can always ask here when you require
some JAR extension and we might be ok with that ;)

> 3) Is it possible to embed "Nabble Free Forums" or other Nabble apps ?

You can put any html an a wiki page using the html macro. See

> 4) Is it possible to make private backup of the xwiki ?

You can export all the pages of the wiki yes.

> Vincent Massol is working on "Alternate URL Scheme"  
> http://dev.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/Design/AlternateURLScheme
> 5) When it will be ready could I use this option on myxwiki even if I my 
> xwiki is in production ?
> Thank you very much for your answers.
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