Salut Stefan :)

On Fri, Oct 11, 2013 at 12:17 PM, StefanS <> wrote:
> Hi (salut) Marius,
> thank you for your fast answer.
> This is not really helps, i think this is a bug
> I did the following steps for testing.
> (1) Change from Page Layout "right colum" to "no side colum".
> (2) Save new layout (get confirmation).
> (3) Click with mouse on menu "Panel Wizard".
> (4) right panel are gone (which is correct).
> (5) Switch back to "Panel Wizard" -> "Page Layout".
> (6) Select "Both colums", contents are now centered.
> (7) Save new layout (get confirmation).

> (8) Click with mouse on on menu "Panel Wizard" to select a Panel, because
> left and right all are missing.

Why do you click on the Panel Wizard menu? You are already on the
Panel Wizard section. I'm sure you have the Panel Wizard menu item
highlighted too. Why not click on the Panel List tab? Here's what I

* Access the administration
* Select the Panel Wizard section (from the left vertical menu)
* Select the Page Layout tab
* Select "Both columns layout"
* Select back the Panel List tab that was initially selected when I
entered the Panel Wizard section
* Drag & Drop a panel to the empty left column
* Click Save the new layout and get confirmation
* Click on the XWiki logo to go to the home page => the left panel I
dragged is visible.

Hope this helps,

> At this moment, the content is no longer centered (full screen) and i have
> no chance a Panel to add.
> I'm going to "Page Layout" to control which layout is active and i see it as
> "no side colum" is selected.
> Even though i have selected under point 6 "Both colums" and this was also
> confirmed.
> Currently i have a xwiki without left and right column and no way to change
> the layout, always  "no side colum".
> Need help here please.
> thx
> Stefan
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