Hi Dmitry,

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> Hi, All!
> 5.2 Brand new install + Short URLs with Tuckey.org plugin as described in
>    http://platform.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/Main/ShortURLs#HUrlRewriteFilter
> Short URLs work perfect, XWiki generates correct link in pages, BUT some 
> links are genereated with /bin/ part still.
> Quick search showed some places:
> 1. XWiki Logo
> 2. Attachments
> 3. "Welcome to your wiki" link in the Recent Changes Panel
> Should it be considered as a bug?

Yes, please file a JIRA issue. I knew that I had fixed most places but missed 
some so thanks for raising it :)

> Is there a reason NOT to bundle Tuckey's solution with standard XWiki 
> distribution?

No reason AFAIK. We could bundle it but the question is more: do we want short 
URLs by default?


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