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> Hello,
> I'm impacted by this bug on my fresh install off xWiki 5.3
> "Unable to delete, rename any document or attachment from a subwiki using 
> PostgreSQL"
> http://jira.xwiki.org/browse/XWIKI-9846
> My question is simple: how can I patch my installation to fix this bug?
> Of course, I looking for "5.3.1 xwiki .war download" without success and I 
> can't found the file to modify.

We haven’t released a 5.3.1 and we probably won’t now that we’re finishing our 
5.4 release (it should be released as final this week).

I’d suggest to upgrade to 5.4RC1 if you’re in a hurry or wait for the 5.4 this 
week (5.4 will be very similar to the RC1). FTR Here’s the list of issues fixed 
in 5.4 that are not in 5.4RC1:



> I suppose I must use this file
> https://github.com/xwiki/xwiki-platform/blob/53079977a64f7d141e96e563f59e015f35ba20b8/xwiki-platform-core/xwiki-platform-oldcore/src/main/java/com/xpn/xwiki/store/XWikiHibernateBaseStore.java
> but where to put it? Java software and Tomcat server is new for me :-/
> Thxs.
> Pascal B
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