I am working on setting up subwikis in a private Intranet wiki.  I have a
customized theme with a custom logo.  When a member of the subwiki clicks
around, they see the theme normally.  When a non-member ties to go to a page
they get the normal "Error - You are not allowed to view this document or
perform this action".  Which is good, except the theme on that page changes
back to the original XWiki theme and logo.  The root wiki is using the same
customized theme and it appears on the login page because I gave
unregistered users access to view the theme.

I don't know who to give permission to in order for the theme to appear. 
The user is no longer unregistered, because they are a member of the root
wiki.  However they are not a member of any group in the subwiki.

I using XWiki 5.4.1, with MySQL and Tomcat7.  I have a vanilla .deb install.  

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