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> Hi,
> Yes, this surely helps but i fail to get it work as I hope it can.
> I have generated a app with App Within Minutes.
> In the sheet there is a construct like this:
> {{velocity}}
> {{html wiki="true"}}
> #set ($discard = $doc.use('TestStarRating.TestStarRatingClass'))
> #set ($discard = $services.localization.use('document', 
> 'TestStarRating.TestStarRatingTranslations'))
> (% class="xform" %)
> (((
>   ; <label 
> for="TestStarRating.TestStarRatingClass_0_Rating">$escapetool.xml($doc.displayPrettyName('Rating',
>  false, false))</label>
>   : $doc.display('Rating')
> )))
> {{/html}}
> {{/velocity}}
> :$doc.display(‘Rating’) is ‘smart’ as it knows when in ‘View’ and ‘Edit’ mode.
> If I would go to the class and modify Custom Display

> How can I keep the ‘smartness’ of $doc.display?

Have you really looked at the code of the existing custom displayers
found on extensions.xwiki.org ? i.e. did you download the source XAR
and imported it in your wiki to check the code? It doesn't seem so,
because you would have seen something like:

#if ($type == 'edit')

> I have the feeling that a velocity script in the custom display does not have 
> notion of $doc? Or can I use this context variable?
> The important change I want to achieve is change the ‘radio button’ behavior’ 
> in a star-rating behavior.
> Important is that this should stay visible in Read-mode as the numeric result 
> 3 is less informative as seeing three stars.
> I’m inspired by this code:
> http://codepen.io/lsirivong/pen/ekBxI
> It uses CSS to style radiobuttons as star rating (and a small javascript)
> But it requires radiobuttons to stay visible in view mode…
> Op 10 jun. 2014, om 14:33 heeft Marius Dumitru Florea 
> <mariusdumitru.flo...@xwiki.com> het volgende geschreven:
>> I don't think there is a documentation unfortunately, but there are 3
>> examples on 
>> http://extensions.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/Main/WebHome#|t=extensions&p=1&l=30&s=doc.creationDate&d=desc&name=custom+display
>> .
>> Hope this helps,
>> Marius
>> On Thu, Jun 5, 2014 at 11:06 AM, Gerritjan Koekkoek
>> <gerritjankoekk...@gmail.com> wrote:
>>> Hi
>>> We are trying to develop questionnaires within xwiki.
>>> In order to get clear answers from people we prefer static lists above text
>>> fields which would be more difficult to analyze.
>>> As a approach we start with appWithinMinutes and add attributes of type
>>> static list
>>> Use case 1:
>>> When we want the user to select one of a limited set of options we typical
>>> use radio button as input control.
>>> In edit mode this works fine.
>>> But in collaborative mode this does not work very well for us.
>>> What we mean by collaborative mode?
>>> We have patients discussing the questionnaire with the expert.
>>> Over the internet they both look at the page which holds the questionnaire
>>> already completed by the patient...
>>> But since default XWiki is showing only the value selected discussions
>>> about why the patient chose the one option above the other are too
>>> difficult.
>>> We would like the radiobuttons view in edit mode, but disabled for
>>> modification; especially since in view mode changing the elected option...
>>> Would it be possible to modify the class and add something in the "Custom
>>> Display"?
>>> Is there a useful document on how the custom display option for classes
>>> works?
>>> Use case 2:
>>> Some questions are of the type "How much would you agree"
>>> Then the user can select between totally disagree, somewhat disagree,
>>> neutral, somewhat agree totally agree.
>>> We have now selected a static list with 5 options labeled as above...
>>> But on the internet we often see sliders that can be put in 5 positions
>>> (from left to right or from top to bottom)
>>> Would it be possible to use such sliders via Custom Display. As a base
>>> attribute we would then probably switch from static list to a numeric field
>>> holding the value of the slider.
>>> Same as in use case 1; can we also show the slider disabled in
>>> 'collaborative mode'
>>> Many thanks for suggestions or links to documents that describe the 'custom
>>> display'
>>> Gerritjan
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