Hello all,

I was thinking about implementing an easier means of communicating and
keeping in touch with you, like a community phonebook. An example of such a
means of communication is the one implemented by Mozilla for their
contributors: mozillians.org.

Such a system would allow various badges or the possibility to be accepted
in certain groups, for the users who contributed the most or who took part
in certain activities. For instance, could create a badge for the testing
process, and when you’ve amounted 30 or more manual tests, you would
receive that badge automatically. This badge system could be implemented
for other perks as well, one for every type of contribution to XWiki.

The badge system would need you to create a profile that would contain the
- E-mail address, which would have the option to hide the address if the
user desires it;
- Language options;
- The fields of activity you are most interested in;
- The groups you are part of;
- The badges received so far.

The system is aimed to enhance the communication between community members
and we would like to know your opinion regarding its implementation and
usefulness and, also, the system would allow recognitions of the community

This system is just an idea (a general one), so, please express your view
in a reply to this email to know if I go further with it.

Thank you,
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