During the last few days we have conducted smoke testing (on Firefox 31 and
in several instances on IE8 and IE9, within the “Fixed for” section) as
well as full testing procedures on IE10. I have also conducted full testing
on the mobile versions for smartphones and tablets for the 6.2 milestone-2

No major problems have been detected and reported in the case of the IE10
full testing procedure (which has been conducted according to the
specifications found on For more details regarding the
minor problems that were detected, you can access the following link:

As far as mobile application testing is concerned, most of the issues I’ve
found were tested on the smartphone and on the tablet version
6.2-milestone-2, and the tests have yielded outstanding behavior for the
applications. The following link provides more data:

Whereas this third link offers an overview of the issues and improvements
reported by the team on the 6.2-milestone-2 version:

We shall continue testing for other issues and improvements.

Have a great day,

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