I am not sure you could say the XWiki installs are that "pesky".
However, depending on the user base, it may really need quite some tuning.
For example, if your xwiki manipulates complex documents the document cache may 
be too big for the memory, and that you only reach with some time (it could be 
a week or two). OutOfMemoryErrors then appear on a regular basis.

Another example has been the amount of registered users. This is a bit too much 
on curriki to store into a page of objects, so special treatment has been 
Yet another example would be the mass of attachments, e.g if people use this as 
a shared disk, where the file-system-attachments solution has helped quite many 
(I think).

I think all wikis and CMSs that I know of are rather limited in their default 
goals (beyond XWiki, I have experience with Drupal and Wordpress) and special 
treatment maybe be quickly available, in config, install, or custom development.

Monitoring tools can help you adjust this.

Bryn, maybe you want to indicate how big is your system?
Maybe it's just a matter of some too eager clients (e.g. some ever repeat 
javascript-based-requests served to tens of users every second or so)?

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