Our new manufacturing engineer is documenting all of the procedures in our
company. He has done this for several other companies and has work
instruction templates he uses (mostly Excel with a few Word documents). I am
to add these instructions to xWiki. I have tried several ways of importing
them into the wiki pages so they would look just like the original
documentation. All of my attempts have failed. The formatting just doesn't
seem to import correctly. There are two boxes that can be checked or
unchecked when importing the documents (Filter Styles and Use The Office
Document Viewer). I have tried every combination and none of them worked
correctly. I have included some screen shots of the documentation I am
trying to import. The idea is to only need to edit one document when future
changes arise rather than the document for the floor as well as the wiki
(with the exception of uploading the new file to the wiki).

Thanks for your help!


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