Hello there,

I am maybe asking a stupid question, but I am the administrator of an old xwiki 
that have to be updated.
My current users has done lots of documentation on this xWiki, and we would 
like to find a way to explode some parts of our xwiki without using too mutch 
the rights systems.

The fact :
- We are a software development company and we put allmost everything on the 
- Some of our customers has right to see "customer's" pages uppon rights they 
currently have
- I (maybe I am not really up to date with xwiki) cannot figure what pages can 
be accesseed by each users (if someone can tell me how to find that I will be 
pleased to pay him/her a pint of Guinness).
- We are on xwiki 2.1.1 and all trys to upgrade to 6.x have fail on randoms 
parts (mostly rights that has been exploded,  eg. everybody can see anything), 
or some pages being broken (people that hack too mutch groovy, they should not).

So to avoid issues with rights, we have an idea to split our xwiki into 2 
servers :
- one for internal, if this too mutch rights this is not an issue
- one for external users (customers !), with only the pages that should be 
online for users, with reset of user's list and clean rights management.

Now I want to find a way to automaticaly sync some spaces between our master 
xwiki and some slave xwiki... Any good pointers? 


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