> >
> > A the
> moment, I'm looking for another way, I read 
> http://extensions.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/Extension/WikiComponent+Module
> > But documentation indicate: "The goal
> is to listen ... DocumentUpdatingEvent events (note that
> these events are fired before the page is saved and thus our
> code doesn't need to perform the save itself
> ..."
> > Then I can
> not use this method either because I must add tag from new
> value from my _Tag properties.
> It doesn't say the document doesn't
> have the changes. But that the
> event is
> fired before the changes are saved. So if you listen to
> this
> event you should be able to get the new
> property value and add the
> tag. Just
> don't call save() in the event handled because this is
> done
> automatically after the event is passed
> to all handlers (including
> yours).

Ok thxs.
Then I must try this method, I must found the way to execute my velocity script 
to add/remove some tags (all is ready, I need to pass this parameter on my 
velocity code:
$request.PageSourceTo applyMyTag (and eventually) 
but I'm affraid than there will be some conflict (or loop) because my velocity 
script use $xwiki.tag.addTagToDocument(String tag, String documentName) : this 
method save document...
Why I don't use full groovy script? Because I know API xwiki with velocity only 
 (it is simple and groovy doc missing)
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