Hi Maciek!

CSS is King! Please, read this..


I you read a previous message of mine, you already realized that I'm not a 
master here! :-) But we can learn together!

Together with this entry point to documentation to control how/what pieces to 
show, you must install some software that allow you to understand how each page 
is composed. I'm using Firebug Lite for Safari, Chrome and Firefox and I'm 
almost enterely satisfied.

You always should start reading about CSS as much as possible! It is a really 
powerful tool, but it takes time to get its point!

Concerning the two precise questions you passed in in your message, please, 
read below...

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My problems:
1. Double button on the top panel (How to switch off this?) (screen shot
is in attachment)

**If you are talking about the green bottom in upper menu, adding a 
StyleSheetExtension with this simple code will do the trick...

#tmCreate {
  display: none;

2. How to hide who modified something?

**If you want to hide only the "Last modified by" line under the page title, 
this code inside a StyleSheetExtension will do it...

.xdocLastModification {
  display: none;

If you also wants to hide the History, use this code in the body of the page...

#set ($showhistory="no")

Hope this helps!!!


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