Hi Adrien,

I can't be more precise now, but these could be entry points to which you are 
trying to get...


You should be able to read the code of the HTML page and identify id and 
classes affecting the elements you want to modify the appearance. XWiki offers 
you total control on how information items are shown, but, as with any powerful 
tool, the way of getting it is not always obvious.

Firebug or the developer tools bundled with Safari, Firefox or Chrome must be 
in your toolset.

Looking for CSS related message in this list could also help you.



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Asunto: [xwiki-users] [XWiki] change the font size and color in a livetable


I'm creating a Live Table with the normal macro and I would like to know if it 
is possible to change the font size and color of the text inside the table ?

#set($columns = ["doc.name", "doc.date"])
#set($columnsProperties = {
"doc.name" : {"displayName" : "Name "},
"doc.date" : {"displayName" : " "},

#set($options = {
   "selectedColumn" : "doc.date",
   "defaultOrder" : "desc",
   "rowCount": 10
#livetable("userdirectory" $columns $columnsProperties $options)

This is the code I use to create the livetable (of all documents of the XWiki), 
but I have no idea how to change the font size and color for the whole table, 
and I would also like to know if it was possible to change the font size and 
color for a specific column?

Thanks for the advice !!



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