I have found the solutions to my issues so I thought I would share.

> I am looking to modify the editor in two ways:
> 1) I would like to change the default editor to the new CKEditor per these 
> instructions: 
> http://extensions.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/Extension/CKEditor+Integration#HReplacetheDefaultEditor
>  I get stuck at: "In order to open the CKEditor by default (i.e. replace the 
> default editor) you can edit the CKEditor.EditMenuEntry page in Objects mode…”

This page is hidden but can be navigated to in the address bar for example: 
At this point you can select Edit>Objects then replace the code as instructed.

> 2) I would like to change the “Is Minor Edit” to checked by default and these 
> are the only instructions I can find: 
> http://lists.xwiki.org/pipermail/users/2009-August/012857.html I can locate 
> many files in the /usr/lib/xwiki/templates folder that start with the word 
> ‘edit’ but none of them are ‘editactions.vm’.

The users post referenced appears to be dated. I don’t know of the terminology 
has changed over time but the current location is within the skins folder not 
templates and it also can be navigated to in the address bar at: 
Ultimately I used the Overridded Templates feature of the Skins Application to 
modify the file. I did this to the default skin which I do not think is 
entirely correct (it may get overwritten with an update) but my attempts to 
override the whole skin utterly failed with permission errors, blank pages and 
multiple wipe/re-rolls of my test vagrant box.

If anyone has suggestions for proper implementation of modifications to the 
skin I would welcome them. I have read the documentation thoroughly but the 
distinction between the current and deprecated approaches is a bit fuzzy. I 
found that following the directions exactly did not produce the results 


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