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> Is it possible to pass an array as a macro parameter? So far my attempts have 
> failed.

no, it’s not really possible to pass typed parameters to macros in wiki syntax.

However, if the macro is written in Java and it expects a List<String>, and you 
pass a comma-separated list, XWiki will convert the string to List 
automatically. Example:

{{someMacro listParam=“val1, val2, val3”/}}

This is not possible in a wiki macro though.


> Macro code:
> #set( $a = $xcontext.macro.params.array)
> $a
> #foreach($i in $a)
>  $i
> #end
> Page code:
> #set( $array = ['Chapter 1', 'Chapter 2', 'Chapter 3'])
> $array
> #foreach($i in $array)
>  $i
> #end
> {{test array=$array/}}
> The array processed in the page works as expected. The array passed to the 
> macro only prints up to the first space between Chapter and 1. I have also 
> tried to enter the array as a string which passes the string but the macro 
> does not treat it as an array, which doesn’t surprise me. The comments from 
> Stefan and Vincent on 
> http://platform.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/DevGuide/WikiMacroTutorial seem to 
> touch on this issue but I do not understand the answer provided. Thank you 
> for any clarification to this issue you can provide.
> Regards,
> Jesse Bright
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