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>> I don't have that much experience with XWiki, so I just need a gentle nudge
>> in the right direction
>> I use XWiki to write internal procedures in the company. I also want to do
>> a
>> yearly audit to verify compliance to the procedures. So what I want to do
>> is
>> have in each procedure one section called "audit items", and have any items
>> in that section show up in a master audit list. Also, I want the main audit
>> list to be a live table, so I can check "yes" or "no" each item.
>> Can this be done with the "app in minutes" wizard somehow?
> Here's what you can do with AWM:
> * An application to describe and manage the audits
> ** On this application home page you'll have a live table with all the
> audits. This is your master audit list.
> * An application to describe and manage the procedures
> ** When you define the list of fields of a procedure you need to include a
> field of type "Database List" which will store the list of audits
> associated with a procedure. You need to configure this field to use the
> XWiki class that describes the audits (which was created by the audit
> application).
> ** If all is fine then when you create a new procedure from the application
> home page you will be able to select from the existing audits

See also http://platform.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/DevGuide/MasterDetailTutorial 
which might help.


> Hope this helps,
> Marius
>> Dan

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