Hi all,

I'm wanting to create a simple XWiki "app" and being new to this wanted to get some advice before starting. What I want is probably not too far removed from the FAQ app, so it may well look a bit like this, but I wanted to get some pointers before heading off in the wrong direction.

The app is essentially a directory of "things" where each "thing" will be its own wiki page, and there will be a master page that lists them all and allow pagination, filtering etc. (livetable etc.) The "things" will have a small number of "fields", not too different from the FAQ app. But where it may differ is that the page for each "thing" should also allow free form editing of the wiki page so that arbitrary additional info can be added (even including scripts etc.) This arbitrary extra info will just be part or the page, not part of the directory. The page for each "thing" will therefore be a combination of structured info (the fields) appearing at the top of the page in a consistent manner across all pages), and non-structured info appearing below this.

All advice greatly appreciated.


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