Hi Eduard.
I am sorry. I used no rigth names.

"Article" is a wiki page.
"Space" is a wiki page with dashboard.

About double titles are showed in the dashboard, in the list "My Recent
Modification" and if I search I can see two title in the search list.
If I create a new page after "Save & view" I will redirect in the rigth
But now, to try again to write more information, I see more details:
- if I create a "simple" page I have a "norma" title. When I update the page
I will have 2 page: one is a original, one is updated. And I will have a new
title-line in the document automatic list for each version;
- if I create a page with dashboard I will see the "+" insted " ": the
original with "{{dashboard/}}" in the text and the second paga (page with
"+" in the title) with empty text. If I create a new page with location
inside this i will have 3 news dasboard-page. Example: "Space Two", "Space
Two", "Space%2BTwo"...

I will be crazy.

I can see this to go directly on port 8080 of Tomcat. I do not have any
reverse proxy.
OK. Perhaps the problem may be in the Tomcat confogiration? I am using, to
try, italian layout and italian codepage characters. The database in MariaDB
is in utf8_bin, as guide suggest.
When I used the old versione (6.4) I found no problem. Now I don't

I attach two screenshots.



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