I have to admit that I have not thought about that, and looking at the lack of 
replies, nobody else did so far.

There is a calendar view for the meetings in the Meeting/calendarView Page:


but this one displays only meetings.

The problem with the integration is that every calendar widget has exactly one 
source of events so far, and the way the Mocca Calendar does it is to have a 
custom page to create JSON of all "Event" instances it knows about.
So far these are only its own events. I guess there are other ways to have two 
sources of events, but the code does not really support it yet.

So probably the simplest way to get meetings displayed in the main Mocca 
Calendar would be to include meetings as events in that JSON-generating page.
That page would be MoccaCalendar.JSONService - it is not for the faint at 
heart, because quite a bit of logic got squeezed in there over time ...

I just checked the code, and it seems that both meetings and mocca calendar 
events have a 'startDate', but mocca calendar events have a endDate, while 
meetings have a duration, so I am not sure if the query can just be extended to 
include meetings.
However as the query should use startDate if endDate is empty, it might work to 
simply modify the query; that is the big one here:


at the very end if the line there is a   ... and obj.className = :eventClass 
$whereQuery ...
which maybe can just be changed to:  ... and ( obj.className = :eventClass or 
obj.className = 'Meeting.MeetingClass' ) $whereQuery ...

if this simple modification does not work, however, it is probably more a 
voyage down the rabbit hole to get it running ...


From: Mark Sack
On:  Wednesday, 22.06.2016, 15:17 :
> Does anyone know of a way to integrate the meeting app and the mocca calendar
> app? Or has anyone attempted to do this in the past? The idea is that, when
> a meeting is created, the meeting would be automatically included in the
> calendars of the participants. The appropriate updates would need to be made
> when the meeting is modified, rescheduled or deleted of course.
> Mark Sack
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