Dear Wilfrid,

Although your question is addressed to Clemens, I - and many users of the
mailinglist will hopefully agree with me - try to learn as much as I can
about XWiki from the questions asked by other users. That's why the language
of this mailing list - and all other XWiki-communication on the website,
XWiki-Jira and Github - is in English.

That being said, most of us - including the majority of the XWiki-team - are
non-native speakers in English (I'm not a member of the team, but a grateful
user and supporter of XWiki and I'm native in Dutch). In my opinion, we all
need to contribute to XWiki and each contribution starts with using *one*
language, whether it's a question on the mailing list, the code of a new
component or a translation. That *one* language is English. Your
contribution (a question on the mailing list) seems to be the product of a
question in your native language (french), translated by a bot (Google
Translate?). Unfortunately, the result of that automated translation is
pretty much useless. 

So could you please, pretty please, put in the same effort we all do, by
asking your questions in English - and not use a translation-bot - so we can
all learn from your question and the answer(s) provided by members of this
mailing list?

Thank you!


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