I am trying to deploy production version( .war deployment ) of XWIKI to 
Oracle11g and Tomcat environment. I tried every version of xwiki with different 
versions of Tomcat.  It deploys the application succesfully but when i request 
http://localhost:8080/xwiki keep getting
"NullPointerException at HqlSqlWalker.lookupProperty( HqlSqlWalker.java:560)" 
error. As far as i see, tables are created at the database but i cant pass this 
I also tried with tomcat and h2 database to check whether it's database related 
issue and same stack trace.
I also tried with Weblogic 11g application server and Oracle 11g database and 
same stack trace.

P.S: I could run standalone version.

Kemalettin Ocak
Uzman Mühendis
Havelsan A.Ş.

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