This looks totally strange to me.
I just tried to reproduce with an old 7.0.1 installation I had lying around, 
and I cannot reproduce it there; the link works without problems

my last try: as I tested with HSQL-DB (which is not case sensitive with 
database names) but you likely have a production ready DB which does:
does it help to use the lowercase "products:" (i.e. the name of the DB = id of 
the wiki, instead of the name of the wiki)?
i.e. something like:

[[Label>>products:A Product.The Page]]


[[Label>>doc:products:A Product.The Page]]

D R wrote:
> Hi,
> thanks for the answers. I prefixed the link with "doc:" but the problem
> persists. The link to the "not existing page" is:
> http://wiki/xwiki/wiki/products/create/A+Product/The+Page?parent=Doku.Page+with+link
> To verify the correctness of my link I copied the above to the address bar
> of my browser and replaced "/create/" with "/view/" and voila, the page is
> shown. So my link is indeed correct which makes the problem even stranger
> ...
> Any further ideas? Otherwise it seems I need to hard-link :-[
> Regards,
> Dennis
> 2016-06-28 17:19 GMT+02:00 Clemens Klein-Robbenhaar <
>> I first thought so, too, but this feature did not exist in XWiki 7.0.1 so
>> it is unlikely to be the problem here
>> Paul Libbrecht wrote:
>>> I've been encountering frequent missing "WebHome" by inadvertently
>>> creating pages which end up being non-terminal. Maybe that helps?
>>> paul
>>> Clemens Klein-Robbenhaar wrote:
>>>> Maybe there is yet another whitespace missing, or the like?
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