Hi xwiki citizen,

I try to redirect to another page users when they edit a page...

Then I use this velocity code in my origin page:

#if ($xcontext.action=='edit')
  $response.sendRedirect($xwiki.getURL('MySpace.MaTargetPage', 'edit'))

Redirect (to MyOriginPage in edit mode) working well if user open MyOriginPage 
in inline mode:
aka /bin/edit/MySpace/MyOriginPage?editor=inline

But my users are "simple user" then I try to force inline mode when they click 
on 'Edit'

What I tested is: add an XWiki.SheetClass object to "MyOriginPage" with 
"Default Edit Mode"=inline ...
but I have a very  strange behaviour: it's working only for "Admin" user :-(

With simple user, when I 'Edit' my Page, I obtain target Page with all xwiki 
menu INSIDE editor like this ugly things

If someone have an idea...

Pascal B

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