I have xwiki version 8.1. And when I rename page (not the page title) all
pages that refers to this page, will contain renamed link which is OK, but
what is wrong is that the page will become modified by the XWikiGuest user
and in the history there's comment with "Renamed back-links."

This modification has bad consequences. I've noticed this unwanted
behaviour on the Menu with global visibility, wich has lost after renaming
page that is mentioned in the menu.

I'm not able to test this issue against latest version 8.2.1. Can anyone
confirm that this has been fixed in the latest version?

The simplest scenario is to have two pages,where one is referring to
1. Page1 --> Page2, where Page1 has a link to Page2 and Page2 will have
backlink to Page1
2. Rename Page2 to something else (leave all options as they are), for
example Page2a
3. Page1 should have a link to a Page2a and it should become modified by
XWikiGuest user

Miroslav Galajda
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