Hello guys, 

I would like to know what would you recommend me to use in order to generate 
references (like citations in a scientific paper) in an object of a given 
class. My class has a couple of textAreas in which I would like to allow 
end-user to cite papers/books/etc. Then in another textArea I would like to 
generate a list of those cited references.
 I have tried some extensions like Citation, Annotation and Footnotes, but 
found some drawbacks for each one of them.
1. Citation seems a good choice but forces end-user to add a citation object 
first, before being able to cite it.
2. Annotation looks promising if we consider that for the end-user it is easy 
to create an annotation and fill in the reference data, but it allows multiple 
annotations at the same place (for example, I can add multiple annotations at 
the same word) and the annotations tab is now merged with the comments tab so 
it won't really look like a paper references section.
3. Footnotes seems really interesting because we can use footnote macro with 
the reference and it automatically generates a reference-like content at the 
bottom at the textArea. The main problem is that it generates a footnote for 
each textArea which contains the footnote macro, even if I place putFootnotes 
in another textArea at the end of the class (and using macros is not exactly 
user-friendly for end-users).
So, the main question is: is there any other extension that I'm missing which 
might solve my problem straightforward or should I customize one of those? 
Class properties
   - Title (title: String)
   - Section1 (first: TextArea) <- Users might add citations here (as friendly 
as possible)   

   - Section1 (second: TextArea) <- Users might add citations here
   - Section1 (third: TextArea) <- Users might add citations here
   - References (references: TextArea) <-- References should be rendered here.

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