> On 21 Sep 2016, at 20:41, Chitnis, Xavier <xavier.chit...@rmh.nhs.uk> wrote:
> Hello,
> I am a new user of XWiki and am just starting to explore its functionality. 
> I've searched for an answer this question but haven't found anything yet.
> I have created an application (which allows me to record details of requests 
> received from other parts of my organisation), and have entries displayed in 
> a livetable. Is there a way of adding a counter or unique ID field to the 
> application and livetable display? This would make it much easier to refer 
> back and find entries. I can't see a "doc." property that would enable me to 
> do this.
> Many thanks in advance for any assistance.

As Marius said, there’s no counter. However you could use the page full name as 
the unique id (don’t know what your needs are though).


> Xavier
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