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> On 27 Sep 2016, at 10:01, Gerritjan Koekkoek <gerrit...@cdlsworld.org> wrote:
> We have just migrated from 6.4 to 8.2.x
> A page holding a UIEXtension object has a parameter:
> icon=image:cdlsservices.cdlsn...@nw-news-icon.png
> In a panel we display the pages holding these UIExtension objects
> To display the image we use:
> #set($icon = 
> $services.rendering.render($services.rendering.parse("image:${params.icon}", 
> 'xwiki/2.1'), 'xhtml/1.0'))
> It used to generate a string:
> xwiki/bin/download/cdlsServices/cdlsNews/nw-news-icon.png
> But after migration it generates:
> xwiki/bin/download/cdlsServices/cdlsNews/WebHome/nw-news-icon.png
> (notice the WebHome part…)

This shouldn’t have changed after upgrading to 8.2.x. Unless you’ve modified 
the page cdlsServices.cdlsNews and transformed it into a non-terminal page (in 
this case you transformed its reference from cdlsServices.cdlsNews to 

> The browser reports that it can not find the image!. When going to the 
> attached image and showing it:
> xwiki/bin/download/cdlsServices/cdlsNews/nw-news-icon.png
> And this url display's the image.
> I guess there are multiple paths to a solution here?
> - Can I change the page holding the UIExtension to a terminal page? How?

Yes but again the upgrade to 8.2.1 isn’t changing any page so you must have 
done something. Have you executed the Nested Page Migrator on this page for 

Yes you can change it back to terminal indeed, see 

> - different use of rendering services?

You could also keep the page as Nested (ie non terminal) and use:


> - ....???
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