Hi All,

I am currently using XWiki 4.2  war deployed on apache-tomcat and also using 
MySQL DB.  I am using XWiki clustered 2 based on network events distribution.  
I am also using A multi-tenant setup ( "virtual mode", "multi-wiki" or "farm 
mode") which allows us to have several wikis running on the same XWiki instance 
(i.e. in the same JVM). I also configured Scheduled jobs to empty trash and 
getting it triggered via cron expression.

I am facing serious performance issue as Xwiki application has become very slow 
and  frequently results in timeout.

To resolve the performance issue I would like to migrate my XWiki application 
from version 4.2 to 8.2.1.

Is it a good decision? If now which version can be relatively cater more 
performance? Also if anyone can share the high level steps which must be 
followed while migration, would be great help.

Thanks & Regards,

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