> >
> > So, questions:
> > -
> Devs, am I right that rights should be set on WebHome?
> What you are talking about is
> space rights and space rights always
> been
> set in WebPreferences. Changing it would be a breakage.

Right I agree ACL is still in WebPreference page but I understand what Marius 
said: children pages in a space (a page on the xwiki root) have space.webhome 
(and not space.WebPreference) for parent...

> > - Devs, what's the
> actual effect when rights are set on
> >
> Enciclopedie.WebPreferences?
> Depend what right you are talking about. If you
> set XWikiGlobalRights
> it will apply to the
> whole Enciclopedie space. If you set XWikiRights
> you will set the right for the document
> Enciclopedie.WebPreferences.

I understand that: If you set rights access on Encyclopédie.WebPreference page:
- "rights: page & children" are applied on children pages ... and 
-" rights on page" are applied on Encyclopédie.WebHome (XWiki.XWikiRights 
objects are added)
Then I don't know which rights are applied if "rights: page & children" and 
"rights on page" are different?
I suppose that "rights: page & children" must be "rights: children pages" 
instead ?

> > -
> Pascal, did you set the rights manually on that page?
On xWiki 7.0.1, yes Global xwiki right and encyclopédie space rigt, then I 
upgrade xwiki to 8.2.1 and I encoutered the problem

> > - Were the rights set as space rights
> before and were wrongly migrated/kept
> >
> on the wrong document?
Previous rights are well migrated but my user couldn't create page anymore.
To resolve my problem I apply again correct rights without success. But during 
my chat with Thomas, we saw that is is not a right access the problem: rights 
are correctly applied but "+" icone is not displayed: 

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