I'm trying to use the macro from the Attachment Application.

{{attachmentSelector classname="$campaignClass" property="picture1" 
buttontext="$escapetool.xml($doc.displayPrettyName('campaignUIString', false, 
false))" savemode="direct"

displayImage="true"  width="120" link="true" targetdocname="Photos.CdLSnl"/}}

Issue is that the image file name; selected by the picker, is stored in the 
property picture1 without the page reference.

Because we have provided a targetdocname.

The documentation:

targetdocname: An optional reference to a document to use as the source (and 
target) for the attachments to display. By default the current document is used.

So we want stored in picture1 a string


But it stores:


We need the complete document and filename since our application is using 
multiple displayers, not only the macro version

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