Hi Patrick

When we started using XWiki, we also used the spaces to separate documents for 
different departments (Accounts, Sales, HR, Tech etc.).

The upgrade from spaces to nested (I can't remember at which version) was a bit 
confusing at first. But basically we now have something similar to:

-- Accounts
-- Sales
-- HR
-- Tech

Where the pages under Home are top level pages using the "Dashboard" template 
(I think this dashboard template may have changed after 8.1 but I haven't 
experimented yet).

I then created groups for Accounts-Read, Accounts-Write, Accounts-Admin (repeat 
for each department). Then go into the "top-level" page and administer the page 
and go to "Page and Children" rights. You can then set the permissions for the 
relevant group.

Once your users are registered, you simply add them to the relevant group and 
XWiki handles the security for you :)

You may need to experiment with the permissions because I found that I also had 
to give permissions at the Wiki level (Administer Wiki > Users & Groups > 
Rights) and then further lock it down on the "per page" permissions. Tip: Use 
different browsers and incognito/private mode so you can test permission 
application in one browser and run as Admin in the other to change permissions.

I also use the "Panels.Navigation" in the right panel to navigate the top level 
pages (Administer Wiki > Look & Feel > Page Elements > Display Right Panel = 
Yes, Panels displayed on the right = Panels.Navigation)

I hope that helps in some way.

Kind regards,

Mahomed Hussein
Custodian Data Centre
Email: maho...@custodiandc.com

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Hi all,

> Am 01.12.2016 um 17:05 schrieb Guillaume Delhumeau 
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> Exactly. You can see each individual page as a space actually :)

While I appreciate the streamlined implementation - just one concept for 
content separation - would it be possible to get the "space" look and feel back?

I.e. remove the topmost hierarchy level from the left navigation tree and put 
those items at the top?
And switch the left navigation depending on the top item selected?

Simple? Hardcore customization, i.e. paid support? Impossible?


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