You should probably do a full-backup as per the backup instructions and then 
let the upgrade wizard handle the conversion/transfer for you. If you are 
installing a new instance of XWiki and want to restore the old files/documents, 
then you need to say that so people can help you.

As for "what is merge copy", Vincent's response was very clear. If you don't 
understand what "merge" means, then this link will help -

Basically it means to combine the old configuration files and new configuration 
files. You do this "manually" by comparing the differences between the old and 
the new files and ending up with a new configuration that has your custom 
changes from the old file (where relevant) plus the new settings from the new 
file. In most cases though if you are doing an in-place upgrade, the wizard 
does this for you (or at least makes it easier).

That being said, I agree with Cuong Hoang, you probably need to get someone 
with a bit more knowledge to do this for you.

Kind regards,

Mahomed Hussein
Custodian Data Centre

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Thanks Vincent for fast reply. I didn't clear this statement.

"you should not copy over the configuration files exactly since the new version 
could have added new configuration options”.

If i can't copy over the configuration files exactly, so how do i copy the 
configuration files?.
I am trying to copy the files in older version and paste it in newer version 
seems it is not copying and nothings change in newer version, that's confusing 

I have import a lot of document in older version and now want to back up and 
insert all doc to newer version. How do i make it works? Why, after i copy the 
web-INF files and paste it in new version, nothings change..

Please advice.

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