Hi everyone,

I’ve started a first version of a XWiki docker packaging at 
https://github.com/xwiki-contrib/docker-xwiki and I’ve created an automated 
build on DockerHub at https://hub.docker.com/u/xwiki/. The goal is to provide 
an official packaging done by the XWiki dev team.

Since I’m a recent user of Docker I’m sure I’ve made plenty of mistakes and not 
following some best practices, even though I’ve tried my best to do that ;)

So it would be great if:
* Some users could try it out and let me know how it works
* Users could tell me what they’d expect in term of setup from a docker 
* Some Docker experts review my code and let me know what I should improve!

After I receive some confirmation that it works well-enough, my goal is to 
document it as an official way of installing xwiki on xwiki.org.

Feel free to create jiras for ideas and bugs at 

Thanks a lot!

PS: Note that I’m sure some will want a different DB, such as postgreSQL for 
example. That should be easy to do. Pull request accepted! :)

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